Health Chemical Co.,Ltd. Taian wrote in zampolit_ru

Dimethyl carbonate (DMC) Application

1)It is a perfect methylating agent, carbonylating agent, methoxylating agent and methylolating agent

with active chemical properties. It can be used into produce polypropylene carbonate.

2)In pharmaceutical and pesticide, DMC can be used into produce ciprofloxacin and carbadox. Also it is

a indispensable raw material to produce lithium battery electrolyte. Because of its excellent chemical and

environmental property, recently DMC is acting as a good solvent for coating, paints, ink and adhesive

substituting the benzene, xylene, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, acetone, butanone, toluene. It is an ideal

substitute for toxic substances such as phosgene, dimethyl sulphate, and methyl chloraformate.

3)Dimethyl carbonate (DMC), is a kind of important intermediates organic synthesis, molecular structure contains

carbonyl, methyl and armour, such as oxygen functional group, has a variety of reaction performance in the

production safety, convenient,have use less pollution, easy to transport all those characteristics. Due to the

lower toxicity dimethyl carbonate, is a potential “green” chemical product.


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