Focus on the beautiful things in life. (ukhudshanskiy) wrote in zampolit_ru,
Focus on the beautiful things in life.

Homophobic attacks must stop, say women assaulted on London bus

“We are pretty tired of talking about getting punched in the face,” says Chris, a 29-year-old American woman whose second name you don’t know but whose face – distressed and covered in blood – is likely to have become shockingly familiar in the past week.

Chris and Melania Geymonat, who is 28 and a doctor from Uruguay, were travelling home on a night bus, late on the evening of 30 May. They must have kissed, they think, or otherwise given away that they were on a date. To a group of young men, also sitting on the upper deck of the almost deserted N31 to Camden, that was taken as permission to shout abuse, ask how they had sex, demand, in Chris’s words, that they “perform”.

Tags: женщины, сопротивление, фашизм, фото
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