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Фраза дня:

David Sheppard runs the FT’s energy and environmental coverage reporting on companies as they navigate the energy transition, oil and gas markets, Opec, and the powerful trading houses that move the world’s natural resources: "If you wanted to know what sort of personalities were involved in negotiations leading up to Monday’s rout, you could do worse than consider Mr Sechin, a figure once described as the Darth Vader of the Russian oil industry: a powerful number two with a reputation for ruthlessness. The Rosneft chief, like Mr Putin, was forged in the dark days of the cold war.

He started his career during Russia’s involvement in civil conflicts in Angola and Mozambique.

Like the man he followed to Moscow from the mayor’s office of St Petersburg, Mr Sechin saw the collapse of the Soviet Union as a disaster that became an opportunity".
Tags: Война - это война!, Война всё спишет, Лидеры, Наука побеждать, Тактика и стратегия, личность, трубопроводные войска России

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